SunSmart campaign evidence base

Seek shade on the beach Every good health promotion campaign is built upon two types of evidence. These are:

  • Scientific evidence that underpins the main campaign messages
  • Evaluation evidence that measures the effectiveness of campaign activities

Find out more about the scientific evidence behind our SunSmart sun protection messages.

Scientific research

Cancer Research UK is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Through the work of our scientists and others all around the world, we know that preventing skin cancer is a real possibility. We also know that finding skin cancer early can save lives.

Developing campaign messages

When we develop messages for SunSmart campaigns, we look at all the available evidence to agree on the best ways for people to reduce their skin cancer risk. Assessing evidence involves looking at expert reports and individual studies in detail. When we interpret study results we consider:

  • the size of the study
  • the methods the researchers used
  • where the study took place
  • who was the subject of the study.

We then ask skin cancer experts for their opinions and suggestions to make sure our campaign is as relevant and effective as possible.

Finally, we run focus groups with the campaign target audience to check our messages are clear and appropriate. You can read more about this process in the campaign research section.

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